5 ways you can help Mexico after the latest deadly earthquake

5 ways you can help Mexico after the latest deadly earthquake

By Josie Palma and Martha Elena Violante.

The help is good at all times and Entrepreneur en Español knows there are many people outside Mexican borders that want to lend a hand.
The magnitude 7.1 earthquake registered on Tuesday, September 19, in Mexico has left more than 200 dead, in Mexico City, Morelos, Puebla and State of Mexico, in addition to 800 injured and 39 buildings collapsed. Tragically, among the victims were 21 children and four adults who were at the Enrique Rebsámen elementary school at the time of the event.The country was still recovering from a magnitude 8.2 earthquake that hit the southern coast just two weeks ago. It was the strongest one Mexico has felt in 100 years. Also, Tuesday’s earthquake fell on the 32nd. anniversary of the magnitude 8.0 earthquake that struck Mexico City in 1985, killing more than 5,000 people.

The help is good at all times and Entrepreneur en Español knows there are many people outside Mexican borders that want to lend a hand.

Right now there are 5 different alternatives on how you can help Mexico:

1. Red Cross Mexico

You can send donations to:

+ Account holder name: Cruz Roja Mexicana IAP


+ Account number: 0404040406

+ Domicile: Ejército Nacional No 1032, Colonia Los Morales, Zip Code 11510

2. Topos México

Is a professional non-profit Mexican rescue team. They have helped in various international disasters. More than ever they need our support and any donation is more than appreciated.

You can send a donation here:

+ Bank: Santander

+ Account holder name: 92-00070929-4

+ SWIFT Code: 014180920007092942

+ Reference: Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlaltelolco, A.C.

+ To donate anywhere else via Paypal go to their web page.

3. Amazon

Red Cross has also a wish list in Amazon of items that are needed right now. You can check the list here.

4. Facebook and crowdfunding

This fundraiser Facebook group is asking for any donation to buy supplies for all affected people.

You can also use crowdfunding sites, including Global Giving and GoFundMe.

5. Non-profits

You can also help trough nonprofit with monetary donations in organizations like Unicef Mexico.

You can help with clothes, water and food trough Red Cross MexicoOxfam Mexico,  Save the Children Mexico and Project Paz.

Entrepreneur en Español speaks in the name of Mexico by telling you that any little help is much appreciated and we will thank you forever with all our hearts.

If you don’t have resources to help, you can also SHARE this post so we can spread the word and if you need to locate someone in Mexico City, contact us through Facebook and Twitterand we will help you spread their names.

¡Fuerza México!

Published on September 20th, 2017 at Entrepreneur Magazine.

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